12 Days to Field Day

It’s only 12 days to Field Day (Saturday 6/27/2020.  I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone of a few things since this year you will be the captain of your own station:

  • Take a few minutes to upgrade your logging software or print out logging/dup sheets.  The rules have changed this year and you want to make sure your logging software is up to date.  You also may want to try it out and make sure it is still working.  If you are using a computer, you also want to make sure your system updates are done early.  The worst feeling in the world is when you go to do something and your computer decided to update in the middle of something important.
  • Verify the equipment you are going to use still is working correctly.  If you test everything now you have time to order the parts you need to fix anything that is broken, missing or has gotten used on other projects.  You also want to make sure your radio settings are what they should be for the modes you are going to work.   You don’t want to be in my shoes several years ago and wonder why 20m is dead for me but every one else it doing great just to realize several hours later that the filters are set super narrow from a previous experiment.
  • Review the exchange you will be using for Field Day.  Make some notes/flash cards of the exchange and frequencies you will be using for quick reference.
  • Scope out where you are going to be operating.  If you are going to set up a special antenna for Field Day is the tree branch you are going to hang it still there?  Is your antenna(s) still resonant on the bands you are are planning to use?  If you are going to run off of your generator, do you have gas and have you changed the oil recently?
  • The Internet is your friend – Google “arrl field day tips” for tips on field day.
  • Remember that your club affiliation is “Tallahassee ARS” when sending in your scores
  • Share your field day setup with us before, during and after Field Day by sending mail to tallyamateurradio@gmail.com .  We will post it on the web page and in the news letter
  • If you need help/advice ask on the local nets or send mail to: tallyamateurradio@gmail.com  

We are putting the Field Day 2020 emails on https://k4tlh.net  in case you miss any of them