44th Annual Tallahassee Half and Full Marathon

Sunday, February 4 marks the 44th Annual Tallahassee Half and Full Marathon. As with previous years, TARS has kindly been asked to provide communication support for this event. Both races will start promptly at 7:30 AM and there is a 6 hour cutoff respectively. This year, the course has changed again to take advantage of recent developments and feedback from last year. Gone is the big stretch of Mahan and Capital Circle however, more of the Saint Mark’s Trail has been added.
At full staffing, we have a need for twenty four volunteers (24) between twenty one checkpoints (21) and three (3) non checkpoint positions (net control, rover and Finish line Liaison) . If you are pressed for time, we have positions that can be filling for the first half of the morning, from 7:30AM up to or until noon, get to the position around 8:00AM – 9:00AM or like me, come out and enjoy the full day. Once the cutoff time has reached your position, you can pack up and ship out or hang around until the end.
As with previous years, we’ll meet up in the Wine-Dixie parking lot on the corner of Magnolia Drive and East Park Avenue around 6:30AM for coffee, doughnuts, chitchat and copy of maps.
If you are newly licensed, this is a great opportunity to get on the air and work an event in a low pressure environment, the net is always informal.
I know you’re interested so all I need you to do is send an email km4fam@gmail.com or call (850) 345-4048 so I can get your name, call sign, T-Shirt size, some form of contact method (email or phone) and what position you’d like, it’s th

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