TARS and Feathers Award

TARS and Feathers Award

The annual TARS and Feathers Award was originally defined on 10/07/1980 (see the Nov 1980 newsletter report). Its basic premise has remained the same since that time:

To recognize the TARS member who has done the most
to promote ham radio in the TARS club
and in the local ham radio community.

 The nominee must be a currently paid up member of TARS.

Originally, the recipient of the TARS and Feathers Award did not have to be a licensed Ham Radio Operator.  The award was for the person’s work in promoting Ham Radio whether they were licensed or not. However, in 2014, the TARS by-laws were amended to say that TARS members must be licensed Amateur Radio Operators. So, beginning with that date, recipients of the TARS and Feathers Award must be licensed.

No one may receive the TARS and Feathers Award two years in a row.

Nominations may be submitted by any TARS member.

The nominations are to be submitted to the TARS and Feathers Award chairman who then holds a committee meeting made up of any interested previous recipients of the award to discuss the merits of each nominee. One person is then selected by the committee to receive the TARS and Feathers Award. The committee meeting can be conducted by e-mail. The chairperson arranges to have a T&F plaque made. The award is presented at the annual December TARS club meeting and holiday dinner. The presentation of the award is performed by the previous year’s recipient, if available.

A list of past recipients is available here on this website.

Here is a sample of wording that has been used on the Award in the past:



Thirty-Fifth Annual

TARS and Feathers Award

RECIPIENT’S NAME (Large Letters)


He enthusiastically gave

leadership, time and energy

to helping other hams and to

club and public service projects.