April 2020 Meeting Cancelled

Due to the current pandemic situation the board has decided to cancel the April 2020 TARS meeting.  We will reschedule Tom’s (K4TB) talk on Using Amateur Radio Satellites for a later date.

We would encourage everyone to join in the Club Net at 2000 hours Thursdays on 146.910 MHz .  

In addition to the monthly meeting, other in-person TARS activities have been cancelled until further notice.  This includes but is not limited to :

License Testing

The Friday Lunch Bunch @ the Golden Corral

During this time of everyone should should keep your family, friends, neighbors and the country as a whole in their thoughts.  Please watch out for your neighbors and your neighborhood.  Luckily, the virus is not transmitted by radio waves so continue to join the nets, continue to make QSOs and stay connected.

March 2020 TARS Meeting – March 5, 2020

The March 2020 meeting will be held on March 5th It will be held at the normal time (7:00 PM) and the normal place (the American Red Cross on 1115 Easterwood Dr.)

Gerry Gross (WA6POZ) will present to the club on long distance propagation and bouncing radio waves off the ionosphere. 

February 2020 TARS Meeting. – Thursday February 8

The February 2020 meeting will be held on February 8th It will be held at the normal time (7:00 PM) and the normal place (the American Red Cross on 1115 Easterwood Dr.)

David Miner and Todd Clark will present on tactical communications. Todd will review the comms from the TLH Marathon and David will discuss best practices.

Tallahassee Marathon

The Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society (TARS) has agreed to provide communications support for the 2020 Tallahassee Marathon.  The race is scheduled for Sunday, February 2 from 7am to about 2pm.

You are not required to stay the whole time. Just let the coordinator know if you need to work early or work later.  You may even asked to be paired with an operator if this is an issue for you. All you really need is just time and a radio that can operate on the 146.91 repeater. 

To volunteer, just send an email to Todd Clark,  KN4FCC,  at KN4FCC@arrl.net and provide your name, call sign, and email address. 

January 2020 Meeting

The January 2020 meeting will be held on January 9th (the second Thursday) this month due to the holiday. It will be held at the normal time (7:00 PM) and the normal place (the American Red Cross on Easterwood Dr.) just on the second Thursday.

The speaker will be CPT Taylor Wagner from the Florida National Guard speaking on the communications capabilities and communications plans the Florida National Guard uses for emergencies including HF net, VHF net, SLERS and SATCOM.

TARS makes the ARES E-Letter

hFlorida and Georgia Operators Support Rural Bike Ride Across State Border

On November 9, twenty-four operators from the Tallahassee (Florida) Amateur Radio Society (TARS) and the Thomasville (Georgia) Amateur Radio Club (TARC) provided communication support for the Capital City Cyclists (CCC) 35th annual Spaghetti 100 Bicycle Ride. The Spaghetti 100 funds the Kids on Bikes program, which teaches hundreds of elementary school children how to ride a bike and ride it safely in traffic. It also helps to support the Trips for Kids chapter, which takes disadvantaged youth on bike rides on local trails.

The hams used one of the TARS VHF repeaters to provide communications for safety and logistics, as well as for the medical and mechanical teams. The ham radio support was vital for this 100 mile route on the back country roads of northern Florida and southern Georgia where cell phone coverage is very sparse. “When All Else Fails” came to mind when the land line at the location serving as the ride’s headquarters was out for several hours leaving Amateur Radio as the only communications service for some areas. “In addition to the thanks given by most of the bicyclists as they passed by, event sponsors expressed their appreciation for the work of the ham radio volunteers and were impressed with the capabilities of Amateur Radio,” Communications Coordinator Stan Zawrotny, K4SBZ, said.


TARS Annual Holiday Party

The TARS annual Holiday Party is being held at the Longhorn Steakhouse on Thursday, December 5, 2019. It will start at 6:30 pm for hors d’oeuvres and such, and 7 pm for the dinner. The meal will have a variety of selections for a cost of $27, or about $35 with tax and tip

Due to limited seating an RSVP is required. Contact Gerry Gross to RSVP: wa6poz@arrl.net

Election Results

Elections were held at the November 7, 2019 meeting. The officers for next year are:

President – Don Pace – KK4SIH

Vice President – Todd Clark – KN4FCC

Secretary – Tom Brooks – K4TB

Member at large – Phil Fusilier – KA5USN

Treasurer – Doug Ferrell – KD4MOJ