DMR In The Tallahassee Area

How would you like to talk around the world with just a Tech license and an HT?   You can if you use a DMR Radio.  

How does that work? I have been told that my HT is only good to talk to a repeater.  Well that is right, but DMR repeaters are interlinked with other repeaters around the world and your voice goes everywhere.

In the Tallahassee area there are repeaters (NX4DN) located at Greensboro in west Gadsden county near I-10  at 300 feet, a repeater in Tallahassee located downtown at 200 feet, and a repeater located in Wacissa near HWY 59 and Tram Rd at 500 feet. All sites are networked together and if you key any one site all sites key up in unison.  

Information on the local DMR environment is available at   Good primers about DMR can be found at and many other sites out on the web.

If you are interested, come to a club meeting and ask the experts in the room.  They are sure to help.

New location for the Friday Lunch Bunch

TARS Friday Lunch Bunch has voted to move from the Golden Corral to: New Times Country Buffet at 1701 N. Monroe St., beginning Friday, July 19 @ 11:00 am.

We’ll gather in the back dining area on the other side of the buffet bars and restrooms.

Please feel free to join us for lunch and the latest scuttlebutt.

July Monthly Meeting on the 11th

Our Monthly Meeting will be held this Thursday, July 11th, 1900, at the Capital District Offices of the American Red Cross on Easterwood Drive.

The Guest Speaker for this month will be the Director of Leon County Emergency Management, Kevin Peters.  With a tropical system expected to develop in Tennessee, and move south near the end of this week, Kevin’s presentation will be on point for this event.

On behalf of your Board of Directors, we hope you will attend.

July Meeting Date Change

Due to our normal First Thursday of The Month meeting date being July 4th, we are moving our TARS Meeting to Thursday, July 11th, at The American Red Cross building on Easterwood Drive, at 7:00 p.m.

Please note this change on your hard copy and cell phone calendars.

Field Day 2019 Agenda

TARS will be holding Field Day on June 22-23, 2019 at Tom Brown Park in Tallahassee. Come on out and have some fun. Get there early to help set up and learn from experts.

Still unsure what field day exactly is? Click here for the answer.

0900-0945:  Assemble at Tom Brown Park site.

0945:  Kick-off and safety briefing.

1000-1400:  Setup.

1000 – 1100: Testing Session at the American Red Cross on Easterwood Drive

1230:  Lunch (pizza and soft drinks).

1400-sunset:  Voice/GOTA/satellite station operation.

1400-2400:  CW and data station operation.

0000-1400:  CW and data station operation.

1200:  Lunch (type to be determined).

1400-1530.  Strike.

Field Day 2019

Come on out and participate in Field Day 2019. TARS will be set up down the hill from the Tennis Courts in Tom Brown Park. The Fun starts at 9:00 am Saturday and will run until 2:00PM on Sunday. Come and help with the activities, learn something new or just meet up with old friends.

Testing will also be held in conjunction with Field Day at the American Red Cross at 10:00am on Saturday. See: