“Elmer” is a nickname or term used to describe someone that can answer lots of your Ham Radio related questions when you are starting out in Ham Radio or are an existing ham with a question about something.

Many of us have been Hams’s for a loooong time and enjoy helping people to get into Ham Radio. We hope we can help you become a Ham too or answer your questions about this exciting “hobby”! We also are here to help existing hams learn about new aspects of our hobby or answer questions that may have been nagging you about something for awhile.

TARS is working on a list of Elmers and their areas of expertise. The beginning of that list is below.  If you have a question that is not on that list of topics, fill out the form below the list and we will try to find the right person to answer it for you. Please be patient; it may take us some time to compile a more complete list.

Another good source of information about a variety of topics is our Index of Newsletter Articles that have appeared in recent issues of our newsletter.

You might also try coming to one of our meetings, luncheons or Get on the Air events and asking someone there.

If we don’t know the answer, we will do our best to point you in the right direction! Remember, none of us are experts, we are all AMATEURS!

TopicNameCall SignEmail
AntennasPhil AshlerN4IPHN4IPH@arrl.net
AntennasIvan CookW4FWLIvan.W4FWL@gmail.com
AntennasMike MaynardK4ICYmajikmike@mail.com
AntennasRandy MooreAI4COai4co@embarqmail.com
APRS MessengerDoug FerrellKD4MOJkd4moj@arrl.net
ARESErik BrooksKC4NVUerik@archondev.com
ARESDave DavisWA4WESDavedavis1@embarqmail.com
Basic ElectronicsMike MaynardK4ICYmajikmike@mail.com
Basic ElectronicsRandy MooreAI4COai4co@embarqmail.com
Basic HFPhil AshlerN4IPHN4IPH@arrl.net
Basic HFTom BrooksK4TBK4TB@arrl.net
Basic HFRandy MooreAI4COai4co@embarqmail.com
Basic TroubleshootingNick AdamsW4EAFjnickwendy@bellsouth.net
Basic TroubleshootingRandy MooreAI4COai4co@embarqmail.com
Bench RepairRandy PierceAG4UUPierceR@gmail.com
Bench RepairRandy MooreAI4COai4co@embarqmail.com
CW TrainingMike MaynardK4ICYmajikmike@mail.com
DXGerry GrossWA6POZWA6POZ@arrl.net
DXDavid MyersW4USAW4USA@embarqmail.com
EmCommErik BrooksKC4NVUerik@archondev.com
EmCommRalph BrownAI4MZruddyfool3@yahoo.com
EmCommDave DavisWA4WESDavedavis1@embarqmail.com
FCC MattersRoger MaddenAJ4GFrogermadden@earthlink.net
Feed LineDavid MyersW4USAW4USA@embarqmail.com
General InformationNick AdamsW4EAFjnickwendy@bellsouth.net
General InformationErik BrooksKC4NVUerik@archondev.com
General InformationJohn CurryK4QDNk4qdn@aol.com
General InformationGerry GrossWA6POZWA6POZ@arrl.net
General InformationDan MonizKI4HGOdmoniz@comcast.net
General InformationRandy MooreAI4COai4co@embarqmail.com
General InformationNorm ScholerK4GFDK4GFD@TDS.net
General InformationStan ZawrotnyK4SBZK4SBZ.Stan@gmail.com
General Tech IssuesTom BrooksK4TBK4TB@arrl.net
General Tech IssuesTheo TitusK4MVLK4MVL@arrl.net
General Tech IssuesRandy MooreAI4COai4co@embarqmail.com
GMSK-63Doug FerrellKD4MOJkd4moj@arrl.net
GMSK-125Doug FerrellKD4MOJkd4moj@arrl.net
GMSK-250Doug FerrellKD4MOJkd4moj@arrl.net
HFGerry GrossWA6POZWA6POZ@arrl.net
HFMike MaynardK4ICYmajikmike@mail.com
HFRandy MooreAI4COai4co@embarqmail.com
HF AntennasGerry GrossWA6POZWA6POZ@arrl.net
HF AntennasRandy MooreAI4COai4co@embarqmail.com
HF AntennasDavid MyersW4USAW4USA@embarqmail.com
HF Digital CommunicationsDoug FerrellKD4MOJkd4moj@arrl.net
HF Digital CommunicationsStan ZawrotnyK4SBZK4SBZ.Stan@gmail.com
HF Digital CommunicationsRandy MooreAI4COai4co@embarqmail.com
JT65-HFDoug FerrellKD4MOJkd4moj@arrl.net
JT65-HFRandy MooreAI4COai4co@embarqmail.com
JT65-HFStan ZawrotnyK4SBZK4SBZ.Stan@gmail.com
JT9-1Doug FerrellKD4MOJkd4moj@arrl.net
Kit BuldingNick AdamsW4EAFjnickwendy@bellsouth.net
Kit BuldingMike MaynardK4ICYmajikmike@mail.com
License Prep/ClassesPhil AshlerN4IPHN4IPH@arrl.net
Newsletter EditingMike MaynardK4ICYmajikmike@mail.com
Power SuppliesRandy PierceAG4UUPierceR@gmail.com
PSK31Randy MooreAI4COai4co@embarqmail.com
PSK31Stan ZawrotnyK4SBZK4SBZ.Stan@gmail.com
PSK63Doug FerrellKD4MOJkd4moj@arrl.net
PSK125Doug FerrellKD4MOJkd4moj@arrl.net
PSK250Doug FerrellKD4MOJkd4moj@arrl.net
Public Relations (PIO)Stan ZawrotnyK4SBZK4SBZ.Stan@gmail.com
QRPMike MaynardK4ICYmajikmike@mail.com
QRPRandy MooreAI4COai4co@embarqmail.com
Radio RepairRandy PierceAG4UUPierceR@gmail.com
Radio RepairRandy MooreAI4COai4co@embarqmail.com
Radio SetupsTom BrooksK4TBK4TB@arrl.net
Radio SetupsRandy PierceAG4UUPierceR@gmail.com
RepeatersRandy PierceAG4UUPierceR@gmail.com
RTTYStan ZawrotnyK4SBZK4SBZ.Stan@gmail.com
Satellite CommunicationsTom BrooksK4TBK4TB@arrl.net
SolderingNick AdamsW4EAFjnickwendy@bellsouth.net
TowersRandy PierceAG4UUPierceR@gmail.com
VHS Packet GeneralDoug FerrellKD4MOJkd4moj@arrl.net
Vintage EquipmentJerry KesslerN4JLN4JL@att.net
Vintage EquipmentTheo TitusK4MVLK4MVL@arrl.net

The Internet: Another source of answers to many of your questions in the internet. Of course, the ever trusty Google search may give you the answer. Another source is podcasts which resemble radio or TV programs that you can access on the internet. One popular podcast is “Ham Nation.” The programs discuss soldering, antennas, digital communications, how to work pile ups, Field Day preparation, you name it. An article in a past newsletter discussed podcasts.  A similar source of valuable information is YouTube which often has videos on amateur radio topics.

If you would like to be added to this list or have a question and can’t find the topic in our list above, let us know.