Field Day Safety Briefing

Field day is a time of excitement for everyone but take some time out to think about safety so that a fun afternoon does not turn into a painful experience.

These are a few ARRL recommended practices for a large gathering but they are still valid if you are just working from your home station or out in your yard.  Make sure that:

  • Fuel for generator properly stored.
  • Fire extinguisher on hand and appropriately located.
  • First Aid kit on hand. First Aid – CPR – AED trained participant/s on site.
  • Access to NWS alerts to monitor for inclement weather.
  • Tent stakes properly installed and marked.
  • Temporary antenna structures properly secured and marked.
  • Site secured from tripping hazards.
  • Site is set up in a neat and orderly manner to reduce hazards.
  • Stations and equipment properly grounded.
  • Access to a means to contact police/fire/rescue.
  • Minimize risks and control hazards to ensure no injuries to public.
  • Monitoring participants for hydration and ensure an adequate water supply is available.

In addition since we are in Florida and it is summer:

  • It is going to be hot – make sure you drink lots of water
  • The sun is bright  – If you are in the sun put on sunscreen
  • Be wary of lightning – Disconnect your radios when it is close, or not so close
  • There are going to be critters about – make sure you watch for pesky fire ants, mosquitos and other creepy crawlies