Local Nets

North Florida Amateur Radio Emergency Communications NetDaily @ 9:00 AM EST except Sunday's3950 kHz
Capital District EmComm Training NetSunday @ 7:30 PM EST147.030 MHz, K4TLH
Capital District ARES NetSunday @ 8:00 PM EST147.030 MHz, K4TLH
Leon County ARES netTuesday @ 8:15 ET147.030 MHz, K4TLH
Florida Phone Traffic NetDaily @ 6:55 AM EST3940 kHz
Florida Midday Traffic NetDaily @ Noon EST7242 kHz
North Florida Phone NetDaily @ 7:30 PM EST3950 kHz
TARS News and Info NetThursday @ 8:00 PM EST146.910 MHz, K4TLH
Kid's NetTuesday @ 8:00 PM EST145.170 MHz, KE4URL - 600, 141.3
Jefferson County NetMonday @ 8:00 PM EST145.430 MHz, WX4JEF, 94.8
The Morning Drive-Time and Welfare Net (Informal Check-In / Rag Chew)Mon-Fri @ 7:30 - 9:00 AM EST147.030 MHz, K4TLH + 600, 94.8
Southwest Georgia HF Weather NetThird Thursday @ 7:30 PM EST(or following GA SSB Net)WX4TAE, 3975 kHz (+/-)
SKYWARN NetFirst Sunday @ 7:30 PM ESTWX4TAE, 3810 kHz (+/-)
Navy Amateur Radio NetDaily, 0700-0900 Eastern7245 kHz
Worldwide DMR-MARC NetSaturdays @ 1600 UTC in Summer, 1700 UTC in Winter months Worldwide Talkgroup (1)
Florida D-STAR NetThursday @ 9:00PM EasternD-Star REF046C
North Florida Digital NetSunday @7:00 PM ET3590 KHz PSK-31
Madison ARES NetSunday @2100 Eastern145.190 PL 123
Taylor County Amateur Radio Club NetSunday @ 1900 Eastern145.350 PL 123.0
Wakulla County Weekly Monday night net. Monday @ 1930 Eastern145.450 MHz K4WAK


The first Sunday of every month, we have a special ARES/SKYWARN net. At 1930 hours EST, the net starts on 75 meters, on or near 3810 KHz (+/- for QRM). After check-in on this initial frequency, operators attempt to trade RST reports with WX4TAE. After check-ins on 75 m the net moves to 40 m around 7245 KHz (+/- for QRM), and picks up the roundtable there. At 2000 hours EST, the regular weekly Capital District ARES net meets on 147.030 MHz, and we are joined by station WX4TAE, at the National Weather Service Office in Tallahassee. During the first portion of this net, one of the staff meteorologists joins us on the air and provides a retrospective of the previous month’s weather patterns, a brief forecast of what we might expect for the coming month and season, and also takes specific questions from stations whom have checked in to the net. Please join us for these very informative ARES/SKYWARN nets – the first Sunday of every month.

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