Military Auxiliary Radio Service (MARS) COMEX 19-4

By way of introduction, my name is Joe Bassett, operations officer (S3) for the Florida Army Military Auxiliary Radio System. My amateur call is W1WCN. My AMARS personal call sign is AAR4WZ and billet call is AAA4FL3. This email is a courtesy announcement to all Florida amateur radio emergency and disaster operators regarding an upcoming national MARS exercise. MARS leadership encourages you, in your leadership role, to freely and liberally disseminate the following throughout your sphere of influence (ARES, RACES, radio clubs, etc.)

The exercise will take place during November and emphasize “…a high level of coordination with amateur radio…and facilitate amateur radio stations reception of a digital 60 meter DoD broadcast.” Messages of interest to the amateur radio community will be broadcast from WWV. In particular, amateur radio participation will take place 16-17 NOV 2019. This participation will include reception of HF messages, interactivity with MARS stations on 60 meters, HF nets and local VHF/UHF nets. MARS stations will identify themselves with MARS call signs on 60 meters. All contacts on other amateur frequencies will be using their amateur call signs.

The primary exchanges between MARS and amateur stations will be County Status Reports. MARS stations may contact amateur stations and request information concerning local infrastructure. Amateur stations are encouraged to participate. A sample of the information is included below. Responses from amateur radio stations should reflect actual conditions. NO SIMULATED, EXAGERATED, OR SIMULATED INFORMATION SHOULD BE TRANSMITTED.

Broadcasts transmitted on 60 meters and from WWV will utilize digital mode M110A. These broadcasts will be of interest to amateur radio operators interested in participating in the exercise. Software (MS-DMT) is available to the amateur radio community for decoding of M110A. MS-DMT is available for download with installation information at


Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions that you have, but please be patient. Further information will be forthcoming.

Grace and 73,

Joe Bassett – W1WCN