WWV/WWVH event

From the hflink group:

From 14-24 August, WWV and WWVH will be broadcasting a DOD message at 10 mins past the hour on WWV and 50 mins past the hour on WWVH. As part of the message, all listeners are asked to take a listener survey at the URL specified in the message.

The results of this survey are shared with WWV/H personnel to show their NIST chain of command how often their stations are monitored and how the various timing signals and messages are used by the listeners.

Please take a listen to this message and take the survey…as the saying goes, “every vote counts” and your input to this survey is being used to help demonstrate the importance of these stations.

This requires no talking on the radio for those that have mic fright. Everyone can participate. Frequencies are at: https://www.nist.gov/pml/time-and-frequency-division/radio-stations/wwv

DMR Talk Groups

This is a followup from the presentation Norm (K4GFD) gave at the August 2019 TARS meeting.

A list of the DRM Talk Groups that are on available on the local Repeaters is located at: http://k4tlh.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/TALK-GROUP-LIST.pdf

This file includes the Talk Group Name, The Talk Group Number, the slot that the talk group is on and a description. This is very helpful information if you are building a code plug or modifying one or just interested on what is available on the DMR system

What is a code plug you might ask. It is the configuration for your DMR radio.

Norm also showed a website of interlinked DMR repeater activity. The link to this page is at: http://cbridge.k4usd.org:42420/MinimalNetwatch