Friday Lunch Bunch Back to the Corral

I have received 9 emails regarding Friday Lunches.I’ll get to that in a moment, but first a little history regarding TARS Friday Lunches.
When I became a ham, just over 10 years ago, lunch was always on Fridays at the CG @  1100.Back then, our Friday number was usually around 8 people.  Two of those regular members became Silent Keys in the last couple of years 

We have tried different locations over the years, especially while the Golden Corral was closed for a complete renovation for most of last year.
Among those other places were New Times Country Buffet, Kaycee’s Country Kitchen, Pappas Diner, and the Log Cabin on Capital Circle N.E.At each location, members suggested to trying somewhere else for a while, and we did so for a few weeks.
As soon as the Corral reopened, the regulars wanted to move back to there.
Regarding the emails I received, a couple had no real preference, a couple preferred New Times, and one or two suggested different days of the week and/or several different locations.
Lastly, we meet at 11:00 am because the CG Breakfast Bar is still open, and they begin to transition to the lunch items at that time.  Two of our members want to have breakfast, others have some breakfast items and some lunch items.
A total of 5 voted for the Golden Corral.
So, the Golden Corral is the winner.
We hope to see you THIS Friday at the Golden Corral at, or about 11:00 a.m. We’re usually there until 12:30 or sometimes until 1:00 pm.

Chief KA5USN

2019 Field Day Contacts

Total Contacts by Band and Mode: K4TLH 

Band     CW      Dig       Phone      Total     %
----     --     -----      -----      -----    ---   
80       98       0          0          98      13   
40      177      52          4         233      31   
20      301      40          8         349      46   
15       72       0          0          72      10
GOTA      0       0          0           0       0            
-----   -----   -----     -----         ---    ---
Total   648      92         12          752    100

Major WSJT-X Upgrade Boosts FT4 into “a Finished Protocol for HF Contesting”

From the ARRL: The WSJT Development Group has announced the “general availability” release of WSJT-X version 2.1.0. This major upgrade formally introduces FT4 as a finished protocol for HF contesting. WSJT-X version 2.1.0 supplants any “release candidate” (beta) versions, and users should discontinue using any beta versions of the software. The latest edition of the popular digital software suite also includes improvements and bug fixes in several areas, including FT8. For more information: