TARS Holiday Party

The 2016 TARS Holiday Party December 1st at LongHorn Steak House

At the October meeting, members voted to use the Longhorn’s ‘Specialties’ menu to determine what menu items to choose from. The choices are: Flo’s Filet- 8 oz. cut of beef; Outlaw Ribeye- 18 oz. bone-in steak;Salmon – 10 oz. grilled with bourbon marinade; and Chicken – two grilled breasts, with a parmesan garlic crust. All entrees include mixed green or Caesar salad, honey wheat bread and fountain drink, coffee or tea. Addition items such as wine, beer, appetizer or dessert are available at an addition cost. The cost will be $23.99 plus tax and tip. Each individual will be billed by the server at the dinner.

We have room for 45 guests , so if you wish to attend send an email to Gerry at wa6poz@comcast.net .

Technician License Class – June 11

The Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society will sponsor an Amateur Radio Technician License Class on Saturday, June 11th 2016.  The class will run from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (with a VE Exam Session following the class) and be held at The Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross, 1115 Easterwood Drive in Tallahassee (near Tom Brown Park).  This will be a one day class with a short break for lunch. Morse code is no longer required for an Amateur Radio License.  There is no charge for the class.  A $15.00 Exam Fee (cash or check) will be collected at the beginning of the VE Testing Session following the class.  Please bring a photo id for the testing session. 

Before you take the VE License Exam, you should sign up for a FCC FRN Number FCC FRN Registration.  Follow the link and click on “New User Register”, it will ask for your SSN one time during registration.  The FCC FRN number is safer than using your SSN when you take VE Exams and complete the paperwork to apply for your FCC Amateur Radio License. Bring this FRN Number when you come to the License Class on June 11th!

Interested students should order/borrow a copy of the current ARRL License Manual (Technician) with the Exam Practice Software (Windows PC) CD before the class and review the material and question pool before the class meets on June 11th. The License Manual may be ordered online directly from the ARRL ARRL License Manual for $29.95, or one of the local book stores. 

A copy of all the current Question Pools (Technician, General and Extra) may be downloaded from ARRL Question Pool or NCVEC Question Pool (NCVEC.org).  You may wish to try one of the “on-line” practice exams in addition to the CD software that comes with the License Manual.  QRZ-Hamtests is one of the more popular ones available; the ARRL also has recently started an on-line exam review.  You can sign up with a free account and it will remember what question areas you need to work on before you take the “real license exam.”


For more information contact TARS TallyAmateurRadio@gmail.com .

(Links for non-electronic version of the flyer)

Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society     http://k4tlh.net/        TallyAmateurRadio@gmail.com

QRZ-Hamtests                  http://www.qrz.com/hamtest/

ARRL Getting Licensed       http://www.arrl.org/getting-licensed

ARRL Question Pool           http://www.arrl.org/question-pools

ARRL Exam Review         http://arrlexamreview.appspot.com/

ARRL License Manual         http://www.arrl.org/shop/Licensing-Education-and-Training/

NCVEC Question Pool         http://ncvec.org/

FCC FRN Registration        http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/index.htm?job=home

HandiHam.org Technician Pool (Questions and Correct Answers in MP3 Audio Format) https://handiham.org/local/blind/2014-2018_technician_pool.htm

Technician Class Successful

The Technician Class taught by TARS on September 26 was a resounding success. Twelve students attended.

The Technician License Exam following the class yielded eight new Technicians. Two of the students went on to pass the General exam. The remaining two students plan additional studying and will take the exam at the regular VE session in October.