Notice of Election

The Election of Officers of the Talkahassee Amateur Radio Society Board of Directors will be conducted at the November 7th meeting.  This will be the last club business meeting of 2019. The new Board will assume office on January 1, 2020.

All Board positions are open for election.  This is the most important meeting of the year. Please attend, and consider running for office.

November TARS Meeting Speaker

The program for the November 7 TARS meeting will be a presentation from Mr. Paul Coley, CEO of Scent Evidence, a company that trains dogs for search and rescue operations.  Mr. Coley will talk about his work and the way amateur radio can be used to support search and rescue operations.  Please join us!

Radio Equipment for Sale at the November TARS Meeting

During the past two years the some of the following equipment has been donated to the Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society. It is time to make this equipment available first to the members of TARS and then, any remaining, to hams through sales at local Hamfest.

TARS is making no statement regarding the working condition of each piece of equipment and all sales are sold ‘AS IS’ and all sales are final. There will be no refunds and sales will be CASH only.Money from this sale will go towards the Field Day Radio Fund.

Following each item is the minimum desired amount for each item. Amount is (..) is the lowest price found on E-Bay or other sources.

1. Ten-Tec 1.5KW Low-pass filter model 5061 – $1
2. Realistic Speaker 8ohm – $1
3. Heathkit HP13A 12VDC Power Supply – $1
4. ICOM R70 General Coverage Receiver ($150) – $50
5. Kenwood TM 421A 440 Mhz mobile transceiver – $25
6. Kenwood TM221A 2M mobile transceiver – $25
7. Kenwood TM2570A 2M mobile transceiver – $25
8. Diamond SX400 VHF/UHF SWR and power meter ($100) – $25
9. Kenwood TS60 6M mobile transceiver ($485) – $150
10. Kenwood TS50s & AT50 HF mobile transceiver and tuner ($500) – $250
11. Magnum 257 10M Mobile transceiver – $25
12. Uniden PC 122XL CB transceiver – $25
13. Swam 350 HF Transceiver with Power Supply 117XC and Turner crystal Mic – ($150) $75
14. Miscellaneous hardware