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The following is an index of articles that have appeared in recent issues of The Printed Circuit – Newsletter of the Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society.
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Elmer – Find One; Be OneJanuary 201413
Butterflies and Ham Radio January 201414
Setting Up Your First HF StationSeptember 201212
Technicians Can Operate on HF TooSeptember 201211
A Newcomers Guide to HFApril 201310
HF - How Much Does It Cost?March 20138
Get To Know Your Ham BandsApril 201414
Station GroundingMarch 20139
How Safe is Your Ham Shack?March 201312
Transmitting PrivilegesOctober 20129
Thoughts on ContestingAugust 201312
RadiosportAugust 20147
My Best Hunt for DXOctober 201310
DXing In The Future (plus great resource links!)October 201410
County HuntingNovember 201311
Find Your Radio NicheJune 201410
N1MM Logging SoftwareJanuary 20139
nGenLog Logging SoftwareApril 201412
A Simple Go KitNovember 201210
Improving Your Public-Service Operating SkillsJuly 201411
Some Thoughts on Public-Service CommunicationsSeptember 20149
Storm SpottingSeptember 20125
Maidenhead Grid SquaresMay 20139
Last Year’s “New Year’s Resolutions” (Upgrading) January 201415
Some Thoughts on Special Event StationsOctober 201317
Are You “Radio Active?”November 201316
You Have A Ham License - Do You Operate?August 201413
Having Fun Operating HF MobileMarch 20148
K4ICY/Mobile - Installation of a Mobile HF StationJune 201414
Operating a Phone Station on Field DayJune 20139
ROGER! - Carl's Quiz #2September 201411
Clear! - Carl's Quiz #3November 201412
Are You an Active Ham? – A Flavor for Every TasteNovember 20148
Road Trip 2014"
target="_blank">December 2014
ARRL 10 Meter Contest - A Contest Every License Class Can Enjoy!"
target="_blank">December 2014


A New Ham's First HF AntennaJanuary 20137
Erecting a Wire AntennaSeptember 201312
Antenna Techniques: A Wire Antenna Halyard KnotFebruary 201310
How Many Radials is Enough?October 201312
Choosing the Right Co-Axial Feed Line CableApril 20139


American Morse Equipment March 201410
WB9LPU’s Amazing Custom Keys January 201417
Anatomy of a BugDecember 201318
The Straight Key Century Club (SKCC)August 20139
Code Practice - LCWO.netAugust 20127
Paddles With MagnetismAugust 201311
Using "ES" for "and" - Carl's Quiz #1August 201415
The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy (Free Ham Book!)September 201412
Thoughts on Learning Morse CodeNovember 201410


Getting Started with PSK31February 20138
RTTYDecember 201311
2Tone RTTY SoftwareSeptember 20148
Graduate to JT65-HFApril 20138


Are QSL Cards Outdated?June 201312
QSL and "Eyeball" Card Design SoftwareFebruary 201312
Chasing QSLsOctober 20127
The QSL Card - Still FunMay 20126


The TARS Information GalleryAugust 20138
Ham Radio PodcastsSeptember 201317
Check Out These Amateur Radio WebsitesFebruary 20126
Where to Find Electronics PartsMarch 201319

Electronics Projects

Kit BuildingDecember 20127
The Pleasant Code Practice Oscillator
(3-Transistor Amp / Twin-T Oscillator)
December 201212
Radio Kits (From QRP to K3!)November 201318
Breadboards, Dual Flashing LEDS, A 555-Based Timer with RelayJanuary 201313
The K4ICY Minty-Kool Iambic
The Battery Saver - Low Voltage Cutoff Device (Comparators)February 201317
RF Peak Voltage Detector CircuitApril 201314
One I.C. Transistor TesterJune 201314
Dimming and Current Control for LEDs, Full-Color LEDsMay 201316
The Wheatstone BridgeAugust 201314
Audio Oscillator Circuit - The Cat-BirdMarch 201318
Free Online Schematic Design ProgramNovember 201412
The Diode - Carl's Quiz #4"
target="_blank">December 2014


The Day of SparkJuly 201316
Car Radios and the Birth of MotorolaJuly 201318
“The Old Man” Took Telegraphy to the Next LevelNovember 201313
W1ZE - America's No. 1 Amateur Radio OperatorFebruary 20148
Looking at TARS 30 Years AgoFebruary 201410
The Wouff-Hong and the Rettysnitch: Lost TraditionsOctober 201313
The Davco DR-30 ReceiverOctober 201214
Amos Emerson Dolbear - The Father of RadioJune 201311
Our Hobby's Humble BeginningsSeptember 201314
The Feminine Wireless Amateur (cr. 1916)August 20149
Remembering the “Ows”: The Women of Early Ham RadioDecember 201313
The Legendary "Mae" - W3CULMay 201411
The Genesis of the ARRL and QST MagazineApril 201410
Wireless Station In Henhouse (cr. 1906)July 20149
Wireless Telegraph Plant (by readers of Amateur Work cr. 1904)October 20149
EmComm Before RepeatersJanuary 20157

Other Advice & Information

Be The "Complete Ham" - From Crystal Sets to SidebandMay 201311
Bringing More Youth Into Our HobbyDecember 201316
An Elmer’s Good AdviceOctober 201315
Of Home Brew and QRPFebruary 201412
You Can Be a PIO (Public Information Officer)December 20125
Scouting and Amateur RadioJuly 201320
The Aging AvocationMarch 201413
Amateur Radio - The Next 100 YearsMay 201414
Do The "Old Man's" Concerns Still Hold TrueJune 201412
What Got You Started in Ham Radio?January 20125
The Benefits of Becoming an Amateur ExtraMay 201410
Daddy, Where Do Hams Come From? (Be a VE)April 20149
Weather Radio SAME AlertsOctober 20147
The Speed of Radio Waves vs. Light - Carl's Quiz #3October 201412
Amateur Radio Podcasts"
target="_blank">December 2014

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