Overview of JS8 and JS8Call

The presentation given by Paul, KN4TRT on the “JS8 digital mode and JS8Call” is now available online at youtube.

JS8 digital mode & JS8Call operational features

TARS Election Report

A highlight from the November 2020 TARS meeting was the election of club officers for the forthcoming year. To begin the process, we solicited additional nominations/volunteers for office. Hearing no response, I proceeded to present the slate I had for a vote. The slate was as follows:

  • Don, KK4SIH – President
  • Tom, K4TB – Vice President
  • Todd, KN4FCC – Secretary
  • Doug, KD4MOJ – Treasurer
  • Chief, K5USN – Member at large

A vote was then taken.  I asked Net Control to select two members who were paid TARS members.  I then asked each of them to vote on the presented slate.  After both members voted acceptance on the slate, I asked the assembled membership if any of them wanted to vote against the presented slate.  No response was forthcoming.  So, based on a 2-1 vote, I declared the presented slate as accepted by the club and concluded my segment on the election of TARS officers.

I would like to congratulate Don, Tom, Todd, Doug, and Chief on their selections to their respective positions.  Also, on behalf of the club, I would like to thank each of you for stepping forward to serve TARS for the forthcoming year.  Without your support, this club would not be able to continue. 

Chuck AI4KA

General Class starting November 5th, 2020

Roland K3RA is starting a General Class course on Zoom beginning Thursday, November 5, and running for 9 sessions. Due to holiday breaks, the course ends January 21. Sessions will start at 6:30 Easter Standard Time (2330 UTC), and run 3 hours. No charge, of course. These are the classes sponsored by the National Electronics Museum that we have been holding for years. Please publicize this with anyone you know whom you think would be interested. Those wishing to sign up should email Roland at roland.anders@comcast.net.