Radio Astronomy

During the April 2021 TARS meeting we were blessed to have Dr. Francisco Reyes – KK4AAV – University of Florida, Dept. of Astronomy talk on Radio Astronomy touching on the following topics:

  • Brief history of the Univ. of Florida Radio Observatory (UFRO) and the closing of the UFRO.
  • The observations of Jupiter’s decametric emission from UFRO and a station in Chile
  • Antennas and equipment used at UFRO and the station in Chile
  • Pulsar observations at UFRO and Chile and the antennas we used.
  • The Radio JOVE educational, public outreach and citizen science project
  • The Spectrograph User Group (SUG) network, equipment and the observations
  • The small antenna and spectrograph at Rosemary Hill observatory
  • Planning for the observations of the 2024 total solar eclipse in the US.