TARS Election Report

A highlight from the November 2020 TARS meeting was the election of club officers for the forthcoming year. To begin the process, we solicited additional nominations/volunteers for office. Hearing no response, I proceeded to present the slate I had for a vote. The slate was as follows:

  • Don, KK4SIH – President
  • Tom, K4TB – Vice President
  • Todd, KN4FCC – Secretary
  • Doug, KD4MOJ – Treasurer
  • Chief, K5USN – Member at large

A vote was then taken.  I asked Net Control to select two members who were paid TARS members.  I then asked each of them to vote on the presented slate.  After both members voted acceptance on the slate, I asked the assembled membership if any of them wanted to vote against the presented slate.  No response was forthcoming.  So, based on a 2-1 vote, I declared the presented slate as accepted by the club and concluded my segment on the election of TARS officers.

I would like to congratulate Don, Tom, Todd, Doug, and Chief on their selections to their respective positions.  Also, on behalf of the club, I would like to thank each of you for stepping forward to serve TARS for the forthcoming year.  Without your support, this club would not be able to continue. 

Chuck AI4KA